Tuesday, 3 July 2018

My Biography about Billie Eilish!

This is my biography about Billie Eilish. I did Billie Eilish because she is my favourite song artist. Billie Eilish is a big inspiration of mine!

Wednesday, 27 June 2018

My Book Report!

For writing, this was our last report. For this report, we did a report on a book that we've read this week or before. The book that chose was "Sisters'' by Raina Telgimeier. 

Monday, 25 June 2018


Today for writing, room 10 made a report on Matariki. Here is my report poster of Matariki that I learnt. I learnt so many different facts about Matariki that were very interesting.

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Jumpy Fluffy Rabbits Presentation!

This is my report about "Rabbits''. I picked rabbits because there are so many interesting things and facts about rabbits. It was amazing researching facts about rabbits that I never knew before. Enjoy!

Sunday, 10 June 2018

Never Trust Strangers!

  • Introduction:
  • On a sunny day, there was a girl whose name was Chantel. Chantel’s parents were out of town at a restaurant to celebrate Mother's Day. Chantel didn’t want to go because she wanted her parents to have a lovely day without her. 

  • Chantel was sitting on the couch watching her favourite shows on the tv. Chantel went on her phone but her phone was only 2%. She sat back on the couch thinking what to do. Chantel charged her phone and decided to go for a walk down to the arcade.

  • What Starts The Story?:
  • Chantel started to walk but she would always feel like someone was following her. She kept on walking until a car stopped beside her. “Hello’’ the women says. Chantel says hello but she begins to walk faster. “Where are you going?’’ the women asks Chantel. “Oh, I’m just going to the arcade!’’ Chantel replies. “I can take you there faster’’ the women says. Chantel agreed to go with the stranger, she seemed so nice and innocent. 
  • Problem:
  • The women was driving Chantel to the arcade. Chantel looked out her window and saw that she had past the arcade. “Um, excuse me the arcade is back there!’’ Chantel shouts. The women laughs. “AHHHHHHHH!’’ Chantel screams. Chantel tried to find her phone but it wasn’t there. “Ugh I left my phone!’’ Chantel screamed but no one could her her. The stranger turned up her music. She tried to scream louder for help but no one could hear her when they were walking by. Chantel cried and cried. Suddenly she saw her mum and dad coming back in their car. Chantel banged on her window to get her mum and dad’s attention.
  • Solution:
  • Chantel’s parents looked at her daughter and called the police. Chantel’s parents followed the strangers car. Chantel could hear police sirens so she knew that her mum and dad had called the police. The police cars surround the stranger’s car. The stranger got out of her car and the police arrested her. Chantel’s parents got their daughter out of the car as well. “Thank you’’ Chantel says excitedly. “Wait, aren’t you supposed to be out of town?’’ Chantel asks her parents. “Well… the restaurant got cancelled because there were too much people there’’ Chantel’s mum replies. They laughed and laughed except for the stranger!