Wednesday, 11 April 2018

An Amazing Trip To The Auckland Museum!

 On Wednesday this week, room 10 and room 9 went to the Auckland Museum to look and learn about ANZAC and war. I was very excited to go to the Museum because I could see what soldiers used to fight.

When we arrived at the Museum, it was amazing. I saw a tower that was made with Lego and other cool things. Before we explored the Museum, we had to hear the rules about the Museum. After that we could go look at World War one & World War two.
When we went exploring in World War one, I saw a lot of soldiers who went to war but they died. It was interesting looking at the soldiers who went to war because, at the bottom I saw why they died. 

Then we headed over to World War two and explored there. I went through where the sacks were, and I saw something I'd never seen before. It was the first time that I saw a grenade, all types of guns and some knife that soldiers used when they went to war. 
While Kate !and I were exploring World War two, we came across a letter that the soldiers used to sign up for the Army. Also we found letters that soldiers wrote at war. Their handwriting was hard to read because it was fancy and very neat. 

I had a great time visiting the Auckland Museum because I got to learn more that I didn't know before!

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Soldiers Who Fought In The War

Bravely, soldiers shooting to save their lives
Bravely, helping their team mates who have died

Bravely, fighting to protect their country
Bravely, crying when they are hungry

Bravely, marching as they wear their uniforms
Bravely, making their families emotional.

Sun Sonata Poem

Yesterday my reading group memorised a poem in your journal. The poem that my reading group memorised was called Sun Sonata by Elizabeth Pulford. Our poem was pretty short so we had enough time to memorised the whole poem. It was fun memorising a poem and putting in our own actions as well. Here is our poem that my group memorised with Kate, Agueer and I in the video!

Monday, 9 April 2018

Making Poppies For Art!

Today room 10 made ANZAC poppies for art. Miss Misela showed us how to create the ANZAC poppies before we got started.

When I was doing the ANZAC poppies, it was a bit hard because when we cutted out our poppy, sometimes the pieces that we cut out will fall into little pieces. The first instruction that we had to do was, fold the red piece of paper and cut it out, and then fold one of the red piece of paper.

Now we had to cut petal of a poppy on the folded piece of paper. When we opened up the piece of paper, it is shaped as a poppy. Then we did the same thing to the other half of the piece paper but when we finished cutting our petal of the paper, we opened up our paper and cut one of the petal's and glue one side to the other, so that it looked like tea cup.

Next we gave our poppies to Miss Misela to put the stick through our poppies. After Miss Misela put the stick through our poppy, we had to cut out a small strip of black and red paper, to glue it around the bottom of the poppy and for the top. Our poppies looked amazing when Miss Misela sticked them in a plastic cup to stand them up. 

I had an great time making poppies for art. It was a bit hard but I got better and made my poppy look beautiful!

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

How To Get To A New Destination

  • Start at the starting point, make sure your facing towards a yellow building.
  •  Take 14 steps forwards and towards the white line.
  •  Turn right and take 12 steps.
  •  Turn left and take 6 steps.
  •  You have reached your destination!
What I've learnt
I learnt that you have to make your instructions specific for people to read them and follow them. Also I learnt that you should make your instructions short not long so that, it doesn't make the person who's reading your instructions frustrated. 

Monday, 26 March 2018

How To Get To My Favourite Place

Today I'll be writing about how to get to my favourite place. My favourite place is the Victoria Dance Academy in Glen Innes.

1. Get in your car and reverse out of your driveway.

2. Turn left and drive straight, after turn left again and drive straight. When your driving straight you'll see Pak'nsave and other shops too.

3. Next turn left at the traffic light and turn right again so that you're near other shops.

4. Go through where all of the cars are parked and park your car there.

5. Get out of your car and head straight up the pathway and you'll see a bakery that's next to the dance academy.

6. Now you've reached my favourite place!

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

How To Draw A Portrait Of Yourself

How To Draw A Portrait Of Yourself
Today for my procedural writing I'm going to be showing you, how to draw a portrait of yourself and how to make your drawings better than drawing two dotted eyes and a line for your mouth.

1. First draw the shape of what you think your head might look like. Also when you draw your face onto your paper, make sure that your face is big so that you can add in your eyes, nose and mouth.

2. Next draw little lines that come down the face and make sure when you do it that it's equal. After that draw the little lines across your face where your mouth will go and, draw it above where your eyes might be too.

3. Then draw half of your eye where the lines are and draw the other half of your eye, below the line. Do the same thing to the other side.

4. Now draw your mouth in the middle line and the line that is across. Start from one side and make the shape of your lip and finish at the bottom of the line that's in the middle. Then draw your lip on the other side the same way.

5. After drawing your mouth, time to draw your nose. Make sure that you make your lines a bit wide. While drawing your nose draw two lines below the eyes. Now draw two sloping lines starting from where you drew the lines under your eye. Then draw little C's at the end of the two lines that we drew that were under the eyes.

6. Lastly you can draw your hair and make it look realistic. For mine, my hair was in a braid so I did a pony tail and started doing cross's in the pony tail to look like a braid.

7. Finally you can decorate with colours or just leave it. Your portrait will look amazing!