Thursday, 8 August 2019

Kayaking 2019

Today my class had the surprise to transport to Wero Whitewater Park and experience kayaking. I was very excited when I head the news because I've always to see what it feels like to paddle your kayak. 

Once we arrived there we prepared ourselves for the kayaking lesson. First, one of the instructors taught us the two main actions we should know about kayaking. After all the confusion, it was time to kayak around the area and have fun. 

While kayaking the hardest part was paddling forwards because sometimes your boat would turn a different direction randomly. Other than that I had an amazing time kayaking with my class! 

Wednesday, 7 August 2019

Starting Our Pieces

At Tech today we started to create another design but only creating our pieces for our game. All I did was simply ctrl+c to copy the shape and ctrl+v to paste the shape onto a new platform. Next I decided to create a new game using tinkercad again. 

While making my new game I found out how to draw things using the scribble effect. I drew many things like animals, shapes, food and others. Me and Liza had a competition to see who is the best artist out of us two. 

Sunday, 4 August 2019

Countdown To Stop Selling Energy Drinks To Children.

New Zealand super market Countdown, has announced there will be an age restriction for drinking energy drinks. Starting from September, people will need to be 16 and over and purchase an energy drink.

Energy drinks are not recommend for young people which this move have had an amount of support from health professionals in New Zealand. Many are suggesting the government should bring in more responsible rules.

Research from Food Standards Australia and New Zealand shows that energy drinks have less than three percent of overall caffeine. What are your opinions?

Sunday, 28 July 2019

Police Issued Eviction Notices On Protesters Living At Ihumatao??

Auckland police have issued eviction notices to protesters living at Ihumatao. Ihumatao is a small settlement in South Auckland that has deep strong spiritual and cultural significance to New Zealand.

The problem at Ihumatao has been going on for years. A large building company wants to use their land to build houses. A group called SOUL has been living on the land protecting it and stopping the building development.

This latest move by the council and police is an attempt to sort out the situation and enable the housing process to begin.

Wednesday, 24 July 2019

Back To Graphics

Yesterday at graphics we started to create our ideas using Tinkercad. We only created the pieces that mostly moved in our game using the shapes. Before we could move on to designing, we had to make a google presentation of how we made our pieces.

For my first design, I made a pineapple using two shapes. It wasn't that difficult but when coming to rotating the shape I needed a lot of help. Miss Furgerson taught me how to rotate a shape so now I know a lot more. 

Here is a preview of what I'm doing for graphics :)

I am still carrying on with this presentation but this is what I've been working on from yesterday's graphics. 

Tuesday, 23 July 2019

Name Change For Lake Tekapo?

New Zealand's most popular lakes, Lake Tekapo is in for a name change. The reason for it is because we have been spelling Tekapo incorrectly. Mackenzie District Deputy Mayor, James Leslie says the lake's name is meaningless and the local council supports a change.

It is not clear exactly when the spelling for Takapo became Tekapo. Te Runanga o Ngai Tahu says his tribe, whose traditional land have a hold within the lake, places huge importance in place names and is to have them written and pronounced correctly.

Sunday, 21 July 2019

Baking With Me!

Yesterday on Sunday I baked vanilla and chocolate cakes with the help from my mother. Before we could start the process, I had to prepare all the ingredients that were required in order to begin.

The first cake I baked was the vanilla. There were a ton of easy steps that I had to do so, I didn't really have that much of a struggle. Hardest part while doing this was whisking the batter since our electric mixer was broken. 

Next up was the chocolate cake. I always save the best for last. The instructions for the chocolate cake were highly complicated. There were a lot more ingredients than the vanilla cake. 

Finally the cakes were all finished. I coated the two cakes with frosting and enjoyed eating the cake with my family. I had great feedback so probably my job should be a baker!