Friday, 18 May 2018

Maori- Past and Present

For inquiry, room 10 have been learning about Maori past and present. We had to write facts that we knew about in the past and facts that we knew in the present. Here is mine that I did for the past and present.

Monday, 14 May 2018

Kiwi Sport- Hip Hop with Jess

Today room 10 had Kiwi Sport with Jess. Also it was the first time that room 10 had Kiwi sports. For this week we did Hip Hop.

I had so much fun dancing to the songs that Jess put on and I enjoyed playing musical statues. I learnt a lot of hip hop dance moves when Jess was teaching us. My favourite dance was the shoot dance. I had an amazing time!

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

My Goals for Term 2

Alphabet- Different Shades

A) Aqua                                                       L) Lilac                                    V) Violet
B) Butterscotch                                            M) Moss green                         W) Wheat
C) Cherry red                                               N) Navajo white                       X) Xanthic
E) Electric crimson                                       O) Orchid                                 Y) Yellow
F) Fandango pink                                         P) Puce                                     Z) Zucchini
G) Gold                                                        Q) Quartz grey
H) Heliotrope                                               R) Royal purple
I) Indigo                                                        S) Salmon
J) Jade                                                           T) Thistle
K) Khaki                                                       U) Ultramarine

Reflection on Term 1 Goals

My goal for reading is using expression and understanding what the story or text is about, by asking questions and re-reading my text in the story.

Achieved because I read everyday when I came home.

My goal for writing is making sense of my sentences and using more paragraphs. Also my writing goal is to add key words or juicy words into my writing.

Needs Work because sometimes I forget to put paragraphs in my writing.

My goal for maths is learning my seven times tables and learning my BEDMAS. Finally my goal for maths is learning and practising my algebra.

Not Achieved because I didn't learn my seven times tables in my free time.

Sunday, 29 April 2018


The ANZAC ceremony was on April 25th on Wednesday. We have ANZAC day to remember the soldiers who fought in the World war one and, World war two. In World war one, thousands of soldiers lost their life. When we first started the ANZAC ceremony, it started in 1916 
We wear poppies on ANZAC day because the red poppy is a symbol of war remembrance,when the war was over. Also people like to wear poppies on ANZAC day to show respect to the soldiers who went to war and sacrificed their life.  

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

An Amazing Trip To The Auckland Museum!

 On Wednesday this week, room 10 and room 9 went to the Auckland Museum to look and learn about ANZAC and war. I was very excited to go to the Museum because I could see what soldiers used to fight.

When we arrived at the Museum, it was amazing. I saw a tower that was made with Lego and other cool things. Before we explored the Museum, we had to hear the rules about the Museum. After that we could go look at World War one & World War two.
When we went exploring in World War one, I saw a lot of soldiers who went to war but they died. It was interesting looking at the soldiers who went to war because, at the bottom I saw why they died. 

Then we headed over to World War two and explored there. I went through where the sacks were, and I saw something I'd never seen before. It was the first time that I saw a grenade, all types of guns and some knife that soldiers used when they went to war. 
While Kate !and I were exploring World War two, we came across a letter that the soldiers used to sign up for the Army. Also we found letters that soldiers wrote at war. Their handwriting was hard to read because it was fancy and very neat. 

I had a great time visiting the Auckland Museum because I got to learn more that I didn't know before!