Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Jumpy Fluffy Rabbits Presentation!

This is my report about "Rabbits''. I picked rabbits because there are so many interesting things and facts about rabbits. It was amazing researching facts about rabbits that I never knew before. Enjoy!

Sunday, 10 June 2018

Never Trust Strangers!

  • Introduction:
  • On a sunny day, there was a girl whose name was Chantel. Chantel’s parents were out of town at a restaurant to celebrate Mother's Day. Chantel didn’t want to go because she wanted her parents to have a lovely day without her. 

  • Chantel was sitting on the couch watching her favourite shows on the tv. Chantel went on her phone but her phone was only 2%. She sat back on the couch thinking what to do. Chantel charged her phone and decided to go for a walk down to the arcade.

  • What Starts The Story?:
  • Chantel started to walk but she would always feel like someone was following her. She kept on walking until a car stopped beside her. “Hello’’ the women says. Chantel says hello but she begins to walk faster. “Where are you going?’’ the women asks Chantel. “Oh, I’m just going to the arcade!’’ Chantel replies. “I can take you there faster’’ the women says. Chantel agreed to go with the stranger, she seemed so nice and innocent. 
  • Problem:
  • The women was driving Chantel to the arcade. Chantel looked out her window and saw that she had past the arcade. “Um, excuse me the arcade is back there!’’ Chantel shouts. The women laughs. “AHHHHHHHH!’’ Chantel screams. Chantel tried to find her phone but it wasn’t there. “Ugh I left my phone!’’ Chantel screamed but no one could her her. The stranger turned up her music. She tried to scream louder for help but no one could hear her when they were walking by. Chantel cried and cried. Suddenly she saw her mum and dad coming back in their car. Chantel banged on her window to get her mum and dad’s attention.
  • Solution:
  • Chantel’s parents looked at her daughter and called the police. Chantel’s parents followed the strangers car. Chantel could hear police sirens so she knew that her mum and dad had called the police. The police cars surround the stranger’s car. The stranger got out of her car and the police arrested her. Chantel’s parents got their daughter out of the car as well. “Thank you’’ Chantel says excitedly. “Wait, aren’t you supposed to be out of town?’’ Chantel asks her parents. “Well… the restaurant got cancelled because there were too much people there’’ Chantel’s mum replies. They laughed and laughed except for the stranger!

Friday, 25 May 2018

How I Met My Best Friend!

Image result for best friend png
It all began on a beautiful lovely day in a town of Lako. I was staying over at my grandmother’s house because, my mum and dad were out of town for a month. I was just asleep, but heard kids playing outside my window, so I finally woke up. I got changed and brushed my teeth and went to go find my grandma. “Look what I made for you’’ grandma shouted. “Yum, BROWNIES!’’ I shout. “Yep I made them just for you!’’ grandma replied. “Thank you” I say and head off to eat one. “Grandma?’’ I ask. “Would you mind if we head to the park, I mean it’s a lovely day outside?’’ I say politely. Grandma started thinking, I thought she was going to say no at first. “Sure!’’ grandma says. “We’ll take the brownies to the park as well’’, and so we headed off.

When we arrived at the park, I was so happy! “Why don’t you make some friends you know… have fun?’’ grandma asks to me. I smile at my grandma and run off to the playground. I made a lot of friends, mostly because I said hello to everyone (that was playing on the playground), and they said hello back...except for one girl. She didn’t seem happy that I was there. I went up to the lonely girl and said hello. The lonely girl said hello back. “Umm… are you okay?’’ I ask the girl. The girl screamed and ran off. Everyone was looking at me. They probably thought that I heart the girl’s feelings or something. I just embarrassed myself in front of everyone (that were on the park)

I told my grandma about what happened. After that we went back to my grandma’s house. That night, I laid in my bed, thinking of what I should’ve said than “Are you okay?’’.. I had so many feelings and thoughts in my head, I fell asleep. As the days past and I started going to the park more often. I’d always see the same lonely girl, swinging on the same swing. Even if I’d walk up to her, or try to say sorry, she’d always run away. Eventually my grandma and I stopped going to the park.

13 Days Later…
I was sitting on the couch, minding my own business while my grandma was cooking some brownies. Until I hear a knock at the door. I get up and open the door to see who it is... I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I was completely froze again. I tried to talk but I couldn’t, it was too hard for me. “Well, hello’’ my grandma says. “Hello’’ the girl replies. Grandma looks at me, I look back at her. “He….l….loo…’’ I say. I just embarrassed myself in front of the girl’s PARENTS! “So, what are you doing here?’’ my grandma ask. “We’re just here to stop by and say sorry’’ the girl’s parents reply. “Sorry for what…?’’ grandma asks. “They’re here to say sorry because the girl kept running away from me!’’ I reply back. Again I embarrassed myself, what a total dumpster. My grandmother, and the girl’s parents were shocked. I apologize to everyone. “What’s your name?’’ I ask the girl, and for the first time… the girl replies with a different answer!! “My name is Rose’’ rose( girl) replies. I asked Rose a couple of more questions. Rose and her parent’s head off back to their home. I smile at grandma. “Looks like you’ve made a friend’’ grandma says. I go back to sit on the couch, while my grandma goes back to making the brownies.

Rose and I have been hanging out a lot. Now I know why she would always run away from me at the park, but that’s another story. I’ve learnt more about the lonely girl…. Well…. Not exactly lonely but now I can call her my best friend!

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

The Adventure!

Bright early in the morning. My mum was still asleep and my dad was at work.  I decided to paint because I had nothing to do, and it's one of my favourite hobbies. In one of my paintings, I painted a gigantic unicorn, I named her Meg. I drew some other things on another piece of artwork but it looked weird and SCARY. I continued on painting and painting and soon I finished.

I hanged my paintings up and the house looked like an art gallery. I really wanted to go into my painting with the unicorn, but magic wasn't real to me. "I wish I could go into my painting'' I said. Suddenly I saw glitter swirling around my entire body! "HELP!'' I shouted. My mum tried to help me but she couldn't do anything. I tried to grab onto the kitchen chair, but when I put my hand out, my hand was turning invisible. "AHHHH!'' I screamed.

My screaming faded away. I opened my eyes, I was on a farm. "Where am I?'' I thought to myself. Just then, I noticed that the unicorn that I drew was staring at me."Meg?'' I said.  Meg was a massive unicorn, it was surprising. I couldn't believe it, I was in my painting. I went into the barn that I painted to look around. While I was looking, I saw an old man feeding the cows.

"Hello sir'' I say. The man looks at me and says hello. "So you can talk?'' I ask. The man chuckles and continues to milk the cow. "Excuse me, uh do you know how I can get out of this painting?'' I ask the man. " The man looks at me and gives me a map. "Follow this map, it'll take you to where you need to go'' the man said. "Thank you'' I say and I went off.

The first painting was a beach. It was the painting that I drew as well. The waves looked amazing, I really wanted to surf on it. I looked at the map, it said to cross the ocean. I tried to look for something to cross the ocean with. I kept on looking and soon I found a small boat. "There it is'' I say to myself. I hop into the boat and drifted off. I was almost there, the waves started to get stronger and stronger. I was so happy that I could drive a boat but in the distance I saw something huge coming towards me.
 It was coming closer. I looked at it once more, I thought I was going to die. "WAVE!'' I shouted. Quickly I turned the boat into another direction. I missed the wave and I was safe on the other side. I looked at the map. Walked up to the end of the painting, and jumped to the next.

I was almost done, only had one more painting to get through. The next painting was another painting that I drew. "This is so tiring'' I shouted. The painting that was in was beautiful. I was in jungle. I was walking and I heard a weird noise. I kept on walking and saw a scary creature! He had sharp teeth and he was as big as a tree. "AHHHH'' I screamed. I ran as fast as my little legs could go. The creature was catching up to me. The creature stopped and went into another direction. Just as I thought I was safe, I saw another monster, but this monster was different. It had long black hair hanging from it's face, elf ears and really hideous long legs. "AHHHH'' I shouted. I was close to the end of the painting. The monster was about to catch me, but I found a vine hanging down. I jumped on the vine and was swinging. After the vine was going higher and higher, I jumped to the final painting.

Here I was, standing in the painting. It a lovely painting. There was a village and people dancing to some music. "Wow'' I say. "I would love to stay here'', but I spoke too soon. I didn't see anything expect a tornado coming my way. "Why is this happening to me?'' I asked myself. It was coming closer. People were flying in the tornado, screaming for help! I looked at the map. I was almost there. The tornado was so strong. I ran and ran. My legs were slipping from the floor. The tornado past me. I was finally safe. A door opened and I jumped into it. 

"Yay, I'm back!'' I say excitedly. I clean up the painting supplies. "Why are you up so early?'' my mum asks. "Oh, I was just... I was bored so I decided to paint'' I say to my mum. "Okay...'' my mum went off back into bed. "What an adventure'' I say happily!

Friday, 18 May 2018

Maori- Past and Present

For inquiry, room 10 have been learning about Maori past and present. We had to write facts that we knew about in the past and facts that we knew in the present. Here is mine that I did for the past and present.

Monday, 14 May 2018

Kiwi Sport- Hip Hop with Jess

Today room 10 had Kiwi Sport with Jess. Also it was the first time that room 10 had Kiwi sports. For this week we did Hip Hop.

I had so much fun dancing to the songs that Jess put on and I enjoyed playing musical statues. I learnt a lot of hip hop dance moves when Jess was teaching us. My favourite dance was the shoot dance. I had an amazing time!