Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Specific Film Comments!

My comment is a quality comment because I complimented on the movie and I was trying to be positive about my comment. Also I complimented on what I enjoyed about the movie and what my favourite part was in the movie.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Awesome Films!

Last week on Wednesday Ruapotaka School went to Sylvia Park to see the Manaiakalani Films that other schools made. I had a awesome time taking photos of the Ruapotaka display. The Ruapotaka display looked amazing because of the pictures that were on it and the lights around the display. Also the films that Ruapotaka watched was great especially when my class's film was up on the big screen.

I enjoyed watching all of the movies but my favourite film was probably Tamaki College students trying Pasifika foods.  I have many Ruapotaka films that are my favourite but,  my favourite film from Ruapotaka school was all of them because they all had a meaning that showed in the film.

I had an amazing time going to Sylvia Park to watch the different films from different schools. It was a great time going to see the Manaiakalani Films!

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Doing Fun Art!

 Last week on Friday for art we did tin foil stain glass. To make tin foil stain glass we had cardboard that was quite long and short. Then we had to use a pencil to draw what we wanted on the cardboard. After that Mrs Riley used a glue gun to glue what we drew on the cardboard. Then Mrs Riley put tin foil around our cardboard and we had to tap the back of the tin foil cardboard so that it doesn't come off. The fun part was when we could dye it and colour it and be creative. It was fun dying the tin foil stain glass but the tin foil rips a little.  I had a fun time doing art!

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

The Amazing Michel Mulipola

This week on Tuesday a special guest came to Ruapotaka school. His name was Michel Mulipola. He is a wrestler, a illustrator and a professional game player. The surprising thing about Michel Mulipola is that he published his first book when he was only six years old. My favourite thing about Michel Mulipola was that he illustrated one of the books my reading group read. The book my reading group read that Michel Mulipola illustrated was the book in the middle. It was amazing.

Michel Mulipola is a great artist but I learnt that when he draws something he doesn't like it when he draws. He said that while he's drawing he sees there are mistakes and when draws again hes going to be better than he did before. It was a great time meeting Michel Mulipola!

Monday, 28 August 2017

Great Trip To The Zoo

Last week on Friday my classroom went to the zoo to look at prey and predator animals. At the zoo we went over to where the the flamingos were, and I saw that they were standing on one leg. Well I learnt that flamingos stand on one leg while they are sleeping. Also I learnt about when a giraffe eats something hot it's tongue turns purple and a blue colour. My favourite animal I saw at the zoo was a red panda because they look so fluffy I would pat it. I had a great time going to the zoo!

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Risks, Insurance and Other fun Things!

On week three on Thursday room 9 and room 10 had Financial Literacy. At first I didn't know what Financial Literacy was but now I know.  There were three girls called Mona, Jordan and Michelle who did Financial Literacy. At Financial Literacy I learnt about saving money, trustworthiness, identity, risks, insurance and other fun things.

My favourite thing that we did at Financial Literacy was the skits, because it was really fun when some people got to present their skit. Also I liked it when we learnt about saving money and I learnt about insurance.

 I had a fun time at Financial Literacy and I had a great time meeting Mona, Jordan and Michelle.